Monday, May 4, 2009

Novak Nohtche (Part 5)

This is the fifth of five parts of my short story Novak Nohtche.

Novak was late getting back to work. From what he had heard, money had changed hands, and someone had left a card on his desk that said "better luck next time." It was signed by most of the staff.

As there wasn't much left to do, or at least little time left in which to do anything, Novak decided to finish early. His mind was awash with conflicting thoughts, each and every one lavender and vanilla scented.

Fate. Perhaps it had been. He knew now that they had been in on it together. Anna, that name, sliding off the tongue so very sweetly. Novak had no idea if he would see her again. In a month, maybe, her face and name might even be shrouded in the mist of memory, and would only appear from time to time in his dreams.

Novak left work and went home. Standing on his doorsteps later, he had no recollection of how he had gotten home. All the way Anna was still with him, refusing to leave. Coming upon his white double door, Novak thought immediately of her, of Anna. Looking at the flowers in his garden, he knew he would have to plant some lavender, perhaps a few vanilla orchids. That way, come what may, he could be with her.

Having collected his thoughts, Novak went inside. He hung his coat, took off his shoes, and walked into the dining room. Dinner was ready, and waiting. Just roast beef and mashed potatoes, but it smelled good.

He sat down, smiled at his wife, and reached his hand over to pat his sons, and daughters on the head in turn.

"How was work?" His wife asked.

"It was a long day," Novak replied. "It looks like I'll be staying late at the office tomorrow. There's a few things to take care of."

The wife nodded, then excused herself to get some milk.

Novak began eating the roast beef, pausing to pour some gravy over the potatoes. It really was a good meal. He looked again at his two children, and his wife, who had seated herself again.

"I really am a blessed man." Novak said, and smiled.

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