Thursday, May 7, 2009

Astra, Bill, & Stella (V of XII)

-The highest of low art , the lowest of high art-


a Jimmy O’Fool Production:

Astra, Bill, & Stella in “Roy's Barbershop Quartet : A Small-Town Love Quadrangle”

A Sonnet Cycle

Astra loves Bill...
Bill loves Stella...
Stella loves Astra...
and Roy...
Who knows what he’s up to?

V of XII

Stella's a star, in all and in name.
She comes by sometimes, to give me her mind,
about me and my friends - guys of one kind.
For her problems she needs someone to blame,
not seeing that life is just a crap game.
She's a little uptight, needs to unwind,
but what do I know of girls of her kind?
A life of hiding and fear and of shame.
With Bill gone off now, to crash and to burn,
I'll take some time now to plan and to think -
figure some way to get each what they want.
Kindhearted deeds, doing friends a good turn,
and after it all, when they're all in synch
I'll then be known as the romance savant!

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