Saturday, May 9, 2009

Astra, Bill, & Stella (VII of XII)

-The highest of low art , the lowest of high art-


a Jimmy O’Fool Production:

Astra, Bill, & Stella in “Roy's Barbershop Quartet : A Small-Town Love Quadrangle”

A Sonnet Cycle

Astra loves Bill...
Bill loves Stella...
Stella loves Astra...
and Roy...
Who knows what he’s up to?


This morning I got to work about nine,
so worried that things had gotten some strange.
With Stella and Astra, I'd crossed a line -
no choice I had, cause some things have to change.
I'm feeling this stirring gripping my loin
It's making me go and do these good deeds.
But taking this chance, flipping this coin,
may or may not quite take care of my needs.
"Hey Roy!," said Bill, as he walked right on in.
"She's just what I like, all as feisty as spit,
but I think I'll be the last of my kin
since she gave my boys a mighty big hit.
I think that I'll try another approach,
and it's you that I want to act as my coach."

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