Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tied to the Tracks and There's No Hero in Sight

Sounds like a train, she said

That was right, it did
That loud, pulsating rhythm
No mistaking it really

What's gonna happen?, she asked

Oh God it’s a comin’
It's gonna run right through
Smash right through

So loud, she said

Goddamn right it was loud
Sweat dripping on the rail
Stuck, no way to run away

So amazing, she said

I looked at her like she was mad
The end of our lives was on its way
At a hundred-fifty beats a minute

It's gonna be so wonderful, she said

Who can say that was wrong?
I couldn't
She was right
We weren't tied to the tracks
Only me

And I could see
The train was moving
Doc’ was talkin’
But all I could see was those rails
Stretching off into the future

Maybe you're right
, I said
Picking her up
Lightly brushing that soft skin
Feeling that living heat
That quiet heartbeat.

Maybe it is.

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