Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Astra, Bill, & Stella (X of XII)

-The highest of low art , the lowest of high art-


a Jimmy O’Fool Production:

Astra, Bill, & Stella in “Roy's Barbershop Quartet : A Small-Town Love Quadrangle”

A Sonnet Cycle

Astra loves Bill...
Bill loves Stella...
Stella loves Astra...
and Roy...
Who knows what he’s up to?

X of XII

"I'm just so tired of Bill chasing me.
Perfume this morning, flowers yesterday.
Roy, he's not my type, there's really no way.
It’s Astra I want. Why can’t he just see?
I need your help Roy, just give me the key."
"Stella, dear heart, I don't know what to say.
I promise I'll try to make it okay.
But there's little else I can guarantee."
Stella stepped out, leaving me all alone.
My plan was on track, quite close to success.
Tomorrow I'd bring them all in to talk.
Then I would reap all the seeds I had sewn.
Get them together and make them confess
their loves, and I only hope I don't balk.

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