Thursday, May 14, 2009

Astra, Bill, & Stella (XI of XII)

-The highest of low art , the lowest of high art-


a Jimmy O’Fool Production:

Astra, Bill, & Stella in “Roy's Barbershop Quartet : A Small-Town Love Quadrangle”

A Sonnet Cycle

Astra loves Bill...
Bill loves Stella...
Stella loves Astra...
and Roy...
Who knows what he’s up to?


"Astra, Bill and Stella. Welcome you three!
I'm glad you all came to see me today."
"Roy," Astra said, "Bill once was mine, you see.
But not now. I just don't want him, no way."
"Astra, that's fine," Bill said. "Stella's my lass!
Sparkling like treasure, in contrast to you."
Stella exploded "You ignorant ass!
You don't deserve dirt, nor someone so true
Never deserved it! Not one bit! Not one!
She loves someone else, who loves her still more
I love her, I do, my earth, moon and sun.
It's her that I love, embrace and adore."
Then Astra and Stella held hands and left,
leaving old Bill all forlorn and bereft.

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