Friday, May 22, 2009

Thoughts as the Ground Floats By

The decision of a moment.
Looking at a crowded street,
thinking -
how much easier it would be
to ride on the sidewalk.

No people in the way,
no cars turning right.

Cut left.

Aware of the people, obstacles,
speed up, pedal faster,
move a bit to make sure,
to stay clear,
then lean into the turn.

It was all over his face
as he whipped around,
and hit the brakes.

No signal light flashing.

In retrospect, those rear brakes?
They were far too loose.
They did not quite catch.
Unlike the front ones,
that worked very well.

Sailing by,
unencumbered by mere gravity,
a thought -
the hood of the car was forest green,
but then the sidewalk,
it was grey.

What was everyone staring at?

Nobody died.

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