Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Astra, Bill, & Stella (IX of XII)

-The highest of low art , the lowest of high art-


a Jimmy O’Fool Production:

Astra, Bill, & Stella in “Roy's Barbershop Quartet : A Small-Town Love Quadrangle”

A Sonnet Cycle

Astra loves Bill...
Bill loves Stella...
Stella loves Astra...
and Roy...
Who knows what he’s up to?


Bill left my place with a confident stride,
his purpose in hand, and a plan in mind.
Not a single thought that he'd be denied.
Ardent and thick and willfully blind.
Unable to see she don't like his kind.
It's Astra who loves this man most of all,
and it's Stella who is now intertwined.
I don't know if I can get him to stall.
Whatever it is that's got him in thrall,
it’s got a strong grip. He’s a sure goner
Not too long now and our Bill's gonna fall.
Sad that he picked the wrong girl to honor.
Now it’s my time, if this all works to plan,
I'll spring my trap right, and get me my man.

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