Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Permanence of Place

A fiery rim upon the horizon gleams
making swift ascent
a return to glory
the reign of night is ending

Through dust eaten cloth on a silicate pane
a ray of light lances
piercing the eyes
disturbing silent slumber

Dream sand shifts amidst quickening eyes
the ears are opening
pupils start unfocused
vision confused briefly

The sound of alarm shatters the silence
heart races fiercely
startled from quiet rest
sound ceases with a flick

Awareness arrives of the bedlam surrounding
objects are obstacles
items remain hidden
one pines for blissful sleep

Haste is foiled by unfaithful memory
one cannot yet escape
with always one thing more
to remember to bring

This room is a prison upon awakening
with the sleep of morning
keeping one from leaving
lateness is fate not style

A juxtaposition of time and perception
light flees night, shadow moves forward
where once there was confusion and bedlam
there is now serenity and sleep

Not a thing

Not a destination

Only a nebulous conception

Unable to exists in the absence
of perception
as defined by time.

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