Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Poem in Thanks and Gratitude

He would come over to see
she would see him and smile
he would step in a room where
she would see his progress
two pounds that week

They would go for a walk, holding hands
she would ask why he stopped
he said a coffee, something warm
she would say no, he didn't need one
snow fell softly that day

They would walk to a door
she would run faster and if
he did not move even faster to open it
she would call him inconsiderate
recriminations and apologies followed

She would slap my hand when
he reached for more meatballs
she would remind him of the correct fork
they used to twirl the spaghetti properly
using two hands, not one

They often watched movies together
his friends were not there because
she only wanted his attention, so
he'd tell his friends "another time"
popcorn was okay, but only diet cola

She taught him so very much
he didn't know how to thank her
except to turn and say goodbye

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