Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Peyton General Store

It’s pretty touch and go
at the Peyton General store
and it’s just like this
in each and every town

A beribboned little girl
sullenly takes a bag of candy
and limps awkwardly away
as her Father watches closely

A pretty young housewife
in a yellow summer dress
has trouble seeing prices
through oversize sunglasses

The High School Science Teacher
stands by the magazines
furtively waiting
until everyone has left

A middle aged woman,
Church Bingo regular
empties a purse full of pennies
to get a lottery ticket

A well known constable
pours himself a coffee
and casually walks out
leaving without paying

Who there would say anything?
To whom would anything be said?
Down there in Peyton,
good business, is quiet business

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