Friday, June 19, 2009

Go Lanka!

I was chuffed, I tell you, watching Sri Lanka absolutely emasculate the West Indies at the T20 World Cup tonight. I had cheered for the Windies throughout the tournament, wanting them to do well. But Sri Lanka, you see, them's my boys.

The destruction really started with Matthews destroying the Windies opening lineup in the first over, by bowling three wickets, ending the over at 2 for 3. Commentators have already gotten used to saying "The Three Ms" meaning Mendis, Malinga, and Muralitharan, in reference to Sri Lanka's powerful bowling lineup (by far the strongest set of bowlers in the world today), and as my wife commented during the match, they are going to have to change it to "The Four Ms."

Prior to Matthews destruction of three of the Windies best four batsmen, there was Tillakaratne Dilshan's incredible innings where he stood, not out, for the entire 20 overs, ending just shy of a century, with the highest single game run total of the tournament. But that's not all. He has the highest overall runs of the tournament, and by far and away the most boundaries. As the former Sri Lankan giants, like Jayasuria, and Jayawardene fell ignobly during the innings, Dilshan remained, both the unmovable object and the unstoppable force. Put it this way, Dilshan's total came close to doubling the output of the rest of his team - combined.

Now our household is getting set for the big showdown. The Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka match will be more than just a match, more than just a finals with a World Cup on the line. There is still a lot of bad blood between the two squads on account of the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan squad a few months ago. Pakistan, finalists during the last T20 World Cup, will be itching to ring that bell, but this is Sri Lanka's first real encounter with Pakistan since the attack.

Watch for sparks to fly.

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