Friday, June 19, 2009

Gibbon's Decline and Fall

Kicked and smashed and hammered by fate
in a most cruel and uncompromising manner
the possibility of defeat approaches fast
and there are no friends left to help you

The Pax Romana was once thought eternal
but they succumbed to a vice of vision internal
adamantly refusing to see what they were
they preferred to see what they once had been

Americana, Britannia with hubris and might
has developed a narcissistic affliction
like the Romans who passed in flames
at least one sun of empire has already set

Who are the screaming barbarians now
the rampaging Visigoths who will appear
carrying a banner of night with a bloody roar
preceding the next fall of man

Take from this a single thought
if you consider yourself in too much detail
you will convince yourself you only exists
and then there will be no reason to live

So you must make a pact with yourself
if ever to earth you tumble and fall
there is one thing to refuse to do
and that is to refuse to stand again

Per Ardua Surgo

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