Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lying Flat in the Grass as the Clouds Float By

In truth, I should really burn all these early poems, bury the ashes, then salt the earth around them, but what the heck. Though I have never been a stoner, I decided to put myself into the frame of mind of a 4/20 philosopher. Back in university, there were any number of dorm mates who I could draw on for inspiration.

Then :
The ‘Golden Days of Yore’
the good times, it seems, are gone
what did Hobbes say?

Now :
Light arises from darkness
look at ancient Greece and us
any resemblance?

Laws :
Human, Natural, Divine
inane, insane, mere magick
but a requirement for life

A term
from chaos patterns arise
a perfectly organized tapestry

Lack of order
Reason why things blow up
Science seems to know this

Emptiness, absence
occurs when order is absolute
quite dreadfully boring I hear

Place of endless freedom
but science has shown
even the sky has limits

particle without limits
absolute freedom, yes?

Marble :
Toy in a child’s hand
look at the Earth from space
does God play marbles?

Ugly little bugger
no matter what you do
they have trouble dying

A jolly good tea
quite a stimulating sniff
and good to taste

Hot affairs
does funny things to the mind
as the clouds float by

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