Friday, June 12, 2009

Rent 3 Get 1 Free

Movies in hand
the latest Disney, and that movie
the one all the critics hailed
and a foreign something-or-other
a big hit at Cannes
that you read more than watch

That's three - one to go
the eyes widen, and a smile
hesitant fingers brush the corner
of the latest, greatest
action-packed thrill-ride

A voice from the right asks
‘What about The Notebook
or The Reader?’

The lack of instant agreement
becomes noticeable
just a hesitation of voice
eyes glancing at the rack
the arm halfway extended
thinking thinking

Knowing what is best
a hesitant reply ‘Okay?’
but not quite fast enough

‘That’s okay honey
go pick your movie
I don’t want those anyway
just get what you want
your choice
what you want’

And in reply
and the action-packed thrill-ride
is added to the pile

Standing in line
deafened by a furious silence
the realization
there was more than one mistake made

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