Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Battlefield at Night

Two occupants stretch across darkened plain
over time, first grappling, then coming to terms
they had marked their territory
apportioned areas, set conditions
achieving a peaceful equilibrium
until the newcomers came.

At first there were small incursions
a new party encroaching, moving in
settling down temporarily
and could be easily quieted
shifted away, to someplace else
but as surely as moon follows sun
they always came back.

Three parties danced around the darkened plain
two long established, one newly arrived
lacking the age or wisdom to understand limits
yet unceasingly aggressive, unremitting
and in their wisdom, the indigenous inhabitants
felt appeasement was best.

The strategy succeeded until another party arrived
three became four, the quest for space heated up
and nightly battles waged, the newcomers lashing out
eager to establish their space, at others' expense
the fighting leading, at times, to land for peace deals
territory temporarily ceding to necessity.

"What should we do?," he asked.

"Get a bigger bed," she said.

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