Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pax Civilis

I am looking for Leonidas.

As this sun sets, one who can
light the torch, so that something,
anything, might remain.

We cannot afford this tyranny
a cyclical God intent on deconstruction
and the death of gentle hearts

They say civilization is built
upon a foundation of lies,
necessary lies.

Civility it is called
a state which more ardent minds
cannot abide.

But freedom is a fiction
concrete only as an ideal
held by many.

Just such a necessary lie.

There are forces in this world
beyond the grasp of science,
the power of a notion being one.

But never forget
this all, everything
has happened before.

The power of a word
notion or ideal
only lives in the living.

Nowhere, today, is Hibernia,
the far shores that can protect
the memory of dream.

So I am looking for Leonidas

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