Thursday, June 11, 2009


It’s noisy out there, too noisy
and with all that crazy sound
I think I’d like some quiet now

For once, just for once
all those questions?
They’re gone

“We should talk,” you said
but before you say anything
I just, I gotta, I mean

Right now it’s quiet
Peaceful, you know?
And that’s good, I think

I’ll let you speak in a second
but I wanted to say
something, first

You know

You know, there are things, that said
even whisper, like a kitten or a mouse
it doesn’t matter, because


Because the words
the words are loud
no matter how you say them

And if you say them, the noise
the crazy sound will come
and there won’t be any getting away


This, not that it's not a good thing,
because it is, it is
a very good thing


Sometimes,if the reason for is gone
and the cause of has left
with a change of mind, taste, a whim


Then the noise will come, the crazy sound
and that’s all that’ll be left
empty, and sneering, and laughing


Saying “You won’t know
quiet, again
not for a long time”


I remember, times before
times like this
and if that happened

I don't know

I don’t know if I could take it
I don’t know, so, so maybe, maybe
it is best to



What am I saying?

Forget that!



Forget that!

What am I saying?

That’s not what I want?

Bring the noise

Should I?

Bring all this?

This what if, could, might, perhaps?


Or, maybe

I know, you know, we know
and so what if? What if
I want that noise, that crazy sound?

So forget everything I said
bring that noise
that crazy sound


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