Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Just Can’t Say

And if I could turn back time
I’m still counting the days
Music speaks these words
That I just can't say

Let me in or let me out
I’m deep inside of you
Ain’t no mountain high enough
These songs both old old and new

Touch upon a common theme
From “L”, “O”, “V”, to “E”
That word I just can’t say
Is sung in any key

In any style, any form
This tired new refrain
In my mind – renewed, refreshed
The antidote for pain

Why stand up and face the world
When I can close my mind
Let the music pass through me
To see what I can find


Heard some strange sound
when I tried
To say that word today
Couldn’t make much sense of it
That word I just can’t say
There’s nothing at all
That I want more
Than finding out a way
To say a word I would,
But just can’t seem to say
That word that just I would
But cannot seem to say

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