Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In the Maker's Eyes

Everything needed was arrayed in a circle,
all the necessary elements,
the essential building blocks.

The brow tightened in concentration
taking in what was at hand,
a plan beginning to form.

No blueprints ware necessary,
nor instructions, for the maker knew
not only the what, but how.

Slowly things began coming together,
from nothingness, a form takes shape
begins to rise above the chaos.

Ever higher, with greater detail
the Maker builds, and at long last
adds the last, finishing touch.

Stepping back to view this masterful creation
the Maker gasps in horror, the form shatters,
and pieces rain to the ground.

The Maker sprints away in a rage
through the hallway, into the bedroom
as her sister laughs and hides.

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