Monday, July 13, 2009

Mr. Monk and the Rubber Room - Tag

Over the past year, I took a TV writing course as a part of my MFA in Creative Writing through the University of British Columbia. During that course, we studied the art of writing teleplays, and during the course we produced a spec script, and an original pilot spec. A spec script is a TV writer's calling card, as it is what shows the agents and TV execs that you can actually write, and write well. A spec is a script is also based on an existing television show, and the reason for this is that if you can show that you have captured the tone and feel of a show that is not yours, then you can theoretically write for any show.

I don't believe I'll ever be a TV writer, as much as I'd like to be, because family commitments prevent me from trying to climb that ladder. But still, I found I enjoyed writing this form.

What follows is not fan fiction, I want to be clear about that, but is my own original spec script for the show Monk.



Monk is packing some of his Trudy memorabilia into a box. Natalie walks in.

What are you doing?

You were right. Maybe it's time to redecorate a little.

Really? Are you sure?

Yeah. It's been what, fifteen years? That's Julie's age.

She's eighteen, Mr. Monk.

Close enough.

He picks one last picture off the ledge, and hesitates for a moment. Natalie takes the picture from him and puts it back.

I think that's enough change for now.

Monk smiles, looking at Trudy's picture.

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