Friday, July 31, 2009

A First Glimpse of the Kindled Future

You ever hear of Boyd Morrison? Probably not, but his story is more than a little pertinent for anyone looking to make a living as a writer.

It seems that old Boyd went and wrote a novel, but instead of going the usual route of sending it off to sit on a slush pile, or futilely begging an agent to look at it, he self-published it on Amazon as a Kindle book.

And it sold.

Not Harry Potter levels, but more than enough that Simon and Schuster kicked down his door and stuck a two book deal in his face.

This Kindle thing may not only be a way for to get noticed by readers, but for the publishers to notice writers. Instead of looking into a crystal ball to predict what might sell, they only have to see what does sell, then lock that writer in tight.

Reports of the publishing industry's death may soon be proven to be exaggerated.

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