Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello My Friend

His friend yelled
with unchecked anger
even some hate
in his words.

At first he accepted them
and understood
and smiled.

When the friend did the same thing
time and again
and he grew tired
but patience held
listening, wishing
they could would move on
to something else.

But when he moved
it was from anger
to anger

Words were said,
that cannot be unsaid,
for which I am sorry
is not accepted,
words which brought
patience to an end.

Pent up thoughts exploded
in an angry rush ending
pushing past self-control
into an anger not known before or felt
and to his friend he said
"I hate you."

He told his friend he would be happy
if he kindly went away
and did not bother to come back

It is only now,
much later on
I begin to understand why
as he said those hateful words,
he smiled,
seeming at peace.

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