Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Around about this place that
time scanning the crowd eyes
pausing imperceptibly each
person given a moment’s consideration
looking for something in them a
sign opening suggestion momentary
vulnerability something at least which is
preferable to butting heads against a greater
ego a self-confidence that shatters
any attempt at contact with the exception
of that lucky few whose luck rests
on a whim

Who would prefer
or blind luck
even if the odds
can be improved
with a hastened effort
one time or fifty
until success

What really is gained by
setting onerself up for
a predictable fall?

Where would you go or
even could you after
getting past hello followed
by an uncomfortable silence?

Why bother making
an effort beyond the necessary
the least possible amount of work
for an intended gain?

There are easier ways
paths of gentler rejection

Most likely you will hear a combination of
words at once banal resigned apathetic
which yet ring a soft sweet melody to
ears that usually only ever hear much worse

Wise men know there is untold praise
in the words
you’ll do

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