Thursday, August 13, 2009


Should you shut your ears to anything else I may speak
should you shut your eyes to anything else I may write
if nothing else at the very least
heed these words
let them find a home within you
a safe place to stay until they are needed
when they can be called upon in your time of need

mere words
bind all things earthly or not
within the realm of human imagination
what is love death pain
without one word to hold in all the
understandings and perceptions each carries
they are unknowable
the power of a word manifests itself
making the incomprehensible tangible

mere words
are everything of import
they bind us to courses of thought and action
dictating out lives
oppressing or liberating
used to define the worth of a person
whether they are to be locked in a cage
or to command the loyalty of millions

mere words
Can make your spirit exult
hearing those things which your heart longs for
or reading what appears to be a dream given form
you dance you laugh
your whole world grows
to include anyone within reach of your smile

mere words
can break your heart
leaving your tattered soul soiled
unrecognizable upon the ground and you
struggling to find a way
to begin to stand to try again

mere words
in them lay the very essence of humanity
for what they have the power to do
they also have the power to undo
and I have some words for you

In any of your endeavors in the light of day or dark of night
when that insidious quiet descends upon you
threatening to consume you
taking you away from yourself
I want you to look in that same place
no matter the day or hour
and pull out these words

In a quiet place
where a soft wind blows
rustling leaves and grass
under a tree
you will find me

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