Thursday, April 30, 2009

Standing Up Again

I’m always hearing people talk,
like they got all hurt,
and that’s it.

They've turned to stone.
They’re like a rock.
They're unmovable.

But, you know,
people ain’t rocks, man,
they’re more like bags of water.

That's right,
bags of water, man,
like eighty percent or something.

You know what water does?
It flows, man.
it flows.

Water flows -
around rocks,under stones,
down hills, in the sky.

When it gets cold,
water freezes,
and stops.

It's turned to stone.
It's like a rock.
It's unmovable.

But, you know,
when the sun comes out,
that water?

It keeps moving, man.

It keeps moving on

And there ain’t no reason you can’t either.

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