Sunday, April 19, 2009

Remember the Future

Remember the future?
It's incredible,
so many possibilities,
paths to take,
and options to explore;
while career paths are not
success stands plainly in sight.

Remember the future?
Maybe a house somewhere,
sometime later on,
but first an apartment
somewhere downtown,
somewhere exciting,
where everything is
happening, and
where everything happening

Remember the future?
Nice, Melbourne, Singapore
and other places to fly
none of that going to Costco
or driving to Best Buy;
everything for the taking,
meeting literati, glitterati,
making a mark,
just not with glitter-paint

Remember the future?
Vacations every summer,
a new adventure every year,
not getting trapped in
the unexamined life,
not pulled along by destiny,
but pulling destiny along
to a place of our choosing.

Remember the future?
Destiny wasn't supposed to live
in the tips of tiny fingers
drawing us forward
to a place not of our choosing;
where vacations fell way
to staycations and play,
theatre forgone for DVDs,
supermarket adventures, where
late night parites fell way
to late nights partly
sleep, partly deprivation,
and going on a trip
meant three blocks down the road.

Remember the future?
It's a lot like the past,
never is, never was,
belonging in a box,
in a closet by the stairs
were all such remembrances

Remember the future?
Looking back,
the future wasn't,
and you realize
the future kind of sucked,
didn't it?

Good thing the future never came.

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