Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Found Poetry

I really like found poetry. Perhaps that is because I find myself more able as an editor than as a writer.

My old Prof, Richard Telecky, told me I'd make a great editor. As an aspiring writer, I took it as a backhanded compliment at the time (which it probably was, he was just that sort of guy...), but have come to see that in a different light.

When writing a found poem, you should cite the source first, to clearly establish where the material came from.

I'd also add one rule.... for poems that are put online, it would be prudent to add hyperlinks to the source material.

Anyhow... my found poem of the day, discovered while reading the paper on the pot after work this afternoon.

One caveat (my big mouth) the link I have is a link to the online article, which seems to have been changed and differs from the print article (which I could link to on the ePaper version... but first I'd have to sign up, and oh, it's too much bother now! ). This poem is based on the print version.

The article:

Cook turned burglar lands in police net
The Gulf News
December 1, 2010

The found poem I took from the article:

Cultural Niceties

An Asian cook
attacked housewives
with a knife
to rape them
before robbing their houses

He stalked his victims for days
to make sure they were alone
in the house when he struck

Once the victim opened the door
he would attack her
to rape her and
rob the house before leaving

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