Sunday, April 4, 2010

Undercover Boss

I've found myself, against my better judgment, becoming addicted to CBS's new show Undercover Boss. Even though there are so many points that diverge from my usual viewing standards, in that each episode is exactly the same as the last, the stories come across as self-congratulatory as far as the companies are concerned, and the undercover bosses stand at the end of every episode to enact their noblesse oblige for the bien peasants gathered before them, still, I can't stop watching.

Every story of hardship battled with hard work and determination gets to me. I start balling like a little girl. The everyday struggles of everyday people, what they go through and how their determination to battle back against all the misfortunes cast their way - what can I say? I find myself seeing myself in them, and them in me.

Though it irritates me to see multi-millionaire CEO's dish out tiny rewards and little trinkets like they are Santa Claus reborn, if you leave out the bosses, and focus on the ordinary working men and women in each episode, there really is a powerful and uplifting core to this show. Perhaps that is what keeps me watching.

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